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Portrait Painting: Frequently asked questions

1. How much does a portrait cost?  The cost varies a lot depending on what size you require, how many persons are in the painting, I always ask clients to email their particular requirements so I can supply a bespoke and individual quote.

As a rough guide a small painting starts from £600 pounds, a medium size painting between £3000 to £5,000 pounds, a large painting from £7,000 to £18,000 pounds, very large oversize painting price on request. 


2. How long does a portrait take?  A portrait painting takes from 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 to 6 months to complete depending on size and complexity of the composition.

3. How do I commission a portrait?  To commission a portrait is a very simple process, once the size and fee have been agreed, you can email or post me your reference photos or I can arrange to visit you to take my own reference photographs, I can also arrange if required to have a professional photographer to take reference shots on my behalf if based outside the UK.

4. Can you work from photograph's or do I have to pose for you?  I work from photographs simply because it would be unrealistic and impractical to expect the client to pose for me for many hours every day for many weeks.

5. How do I get my finished painting? Your finished portrait will be delivered by secure courier with a tracking reference emailed to you so you can follow its progress whilst in transit, I can ship artwork to anywhere in the world, I also personally deliver paintings myself when time and location allows this.

6. How do I pay?  I accept bacs, cheque, PayPal and credit card, a 50 percent deposit is required on starting and the outstanding balance only due on completion and approval of the finished artwork.

7. What happens if I don't like my portrait?  I offer a full refund if the final artwork is not of the same standard as that shown on my website. I have never had a rejected portrait in all of the many years I have been offering my services, however for peace of mind it’s nice to know.

8. Can you paint my pet or particular animal? Yes, I also paint clients' pets including equestrian, cats and dogs. Plus wildlife paintings including lions, tigers or any animal you wish.

9. Is the finished painting framed? Yes, all paintings as part of the cost include professional framing and all delivery costs including outside of the UK. 

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