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'Thelma And Louise'

Stunning LED Illuminated Art Work


Size:  45 inches x 40 inches


PLEASE follow the link and watch a short film that showcases my 'Illuminate' Collection

‘Stay Wild’, “Illuminate” is part of the mesmerizing new ‘Stay Wild’ Collection. Rob has really pushed the boundaries with these beautiful and captivating paintings, each is exquisitely illuminated by state of the art LED technology, making them a unique art experience, adding a focal point to any room with a subtle radiance of light. Each painting has been hand embellished adeptly by the artist, adding yet another facet to these fabulous compositions.

The artist tells us “I wanted to use light as medium in its own right, interacting with the work and adding another dimension that paint and canvas alone could never achieve. The works themselves are inspired by a life time love and admiration for the artist Andy Warhol who himself experimented and pushed the boundaries of what art could be.”

Each painting is designed to look stunning illuminated or in a natural unlit state, with a gloss finish to the surface and an elegant black frame that captures all the colours perfectly, the artwork can be plugged in from behind, hiding any leads, or you can use a discrete cable that enables you to plug into your nearest power point.

A discrete dimmer switch located underneath the frame and not visible to the eye adjusts the brightness to suite your mood and enhance the ambiance of the room.



 Rob will happily write a dedication on the back if requested.


The painting comes with a bespoke handmade frame and free delivery in the UK.

Please Contact Me For Further Details

Rob Hefferan Mobile: 07811 359345

Rob Hefferan Email:

Price includes VAT .

Please contact me for world wide delivery charges.

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